Breaking News for Elephants and Rhinos!

Help Canada save elephants and rhinos from poaching and trophy hunting! Every year, up to 25,000 elephants and 1,300 rhinos die at the hands of poachers in Africa, and thousands more are killed by trophy hunters. Elephants and rhinoceros could be…

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#WorldEnviornmentDay June 5th, 2023 #BeatPlasticPollution

June 5th is #WorldEnvironmentDay The theme of World Environment Day 2023 is to focus on solutions to plastic pollution. #BeatPlasticPollution  Plastic is being consumed in large amounts by elephants primarily in Asia and India largely due to increased population growth…

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Rewilding Day – March 20th

Rewilding Humanity “May Man and Beast succeed to coalesce harmoniously, in the forests, the seas, and land, with ner’er a compromise from Nature.” fd There is a tragic urgency in the world today for the necessity to compromise. Compromises for…

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Elephants and Biodiversity – How are they connected? NEW Lesson Plan!

The decline of elephant populations due to the illegal wildlife trade and poaching is now almost the stuff of legendary horror. While elephants roamed the forests and savannas of Africa in the millions in the past, the 20th century has…

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Thank You For Your Donations To SEEDBALLS Kenya Fundraiser!

A Big Thank You to all who donated to our fundraiser for SeedballsKenya! It was a wonderful success! We have donated 5 x 25kg bags of seedballs to be delivered to Mara Elephant Project Let the new growth begin!

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