Ride A Bike – Not An Elephant

RBNE June 14 - Pink Tattoo - No Web Link - 417KB (1)Elephants are hurt both physically and psychologically when tourists ride them. The “Ride A Bike – Not An Elephant” campaign raises awareness of this. It also shows tourists how to interact ethically with elephants by giving info on 30 elephant sanctuaries in 13 countries. For more info on why riding is abusive, see this video, but if it may distress you, read a summary.

Jan Jao 2 Body Crop  Close Up of Bull Hook Crop
The scars on the elephant’s head (above) are from the hook used by almost all mahouts.

The “Ride A Bike – Not An Elephant” campaign is also a major fundraiser. Elephanatics will fund the rescue of an abused tourism elephant in Thailand and let her retire to the Elephant Nature Park!

You can help!

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