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  • Ride A Bike – Not An Elephant

    Ride A Bike – Not An Elephant
    Our new campaign spreads awareness of the damage suffered by elephants ridden in the tourist industry. Please donate to help us rescue a tourism elephant so it can retire at the Elephant Nature Park.

  • Elephant Crisis Fund

    “The Elephant Crisis Fund is a game-changer and my foundation is pleased to support it. The ECF is also changing environmental philanthropy by eliminating bureaucracy and overhead and making sure funding can reach the very best elephant conservation projects.”

    —Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Elephants in Captivity

    Elephants destined for the tourist industry experience great physical and mental trauma. Isolation, starving, hitting and beating are just some of the methods used to initially break their spirits and get them to behave and perform.”

    There are some 3,500 captive elephants in India and the majority of them are used for elephant rides by Western tourists.


Scientific Research is fundamental in understanding the needs of wildlife today. Here’s some resources to get you started in learning more about the crisis and mitigation efforts to save the African wild elephant.


Elephants are under threat from environmental changes, poaching and human-animal conflict. We offer flexible, fun and engaging materials to help teachers engage students in the global and pressing issue of elephant extinction.


Elephantics is spreading the word and unifying the people through fun events and activities! Here’s photos and information from our recent events including our participation in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos.

Events and Actions

Elephanatics’ Letter for an #ivoryfreecanada Goes to the Government Today!

Elephanatics has sent a letter to Minister Catherine McKenna today asking the Canadian government to close the legal domestic trade of elephant ivory in Canada. We are thrilled to have been supported by 95 distinguished national and international wildlife and animal advocacy organisations, conservationists, scientists, Members…


Did you know it is still legal to buy and sell ivory in Canada? Both African and Asian elephants may be extinct in the wild in our lifetime, mainly due to poaching. Elephanatics created the #ivoryfreecanada campaign to help keep our elephants…

Ban The Sale Of Elephant Ivory In Canada

cr. Larry Lavery photo Please Sign Petition Below Will we be the generation that lets elephants become extinct? A shocking 20,000 elephants are killed every year for their ivory. Scientists and conservationists agree that at this rate, both African and Asian elephants…