About Us

Elephanatics was formed in May 2012 – incorporated in 2015. We are an elephant advocacy organization residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

Our mission  Our mission is to help the long-term survival of African elephants by raising and disseminating information about their ecology and conservation in the face of the recent resurgence of continental-wide ivory poaching in Africa. We educate Canadians about issues of ivory poaching, habitat loss, human-elephant co-existence, the importance of the elephant as a keystone species and connect Canadians directly with elephant conservation partners in Africa.

As an organization, we strive to educate people through various mediums of outreach. From the years 2014-2017 we hosted the annual Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. We have made numerous educational classroom presentations to primary grades, secondary schools, and universities on the poaching crisis and unethical tourism.  We hold periodic fundraisers and work on domestic and global issues concerning the welfare of elephants.
Our Elephanatics team created the #IvoryFreeCanada campaign to ban the domestic trade of elephant ivory in Canada along with a coalition of organizations. In December of 2021, our Canadian Environment Minister was mandated to work with partners to curb illegal wildlife trade and end elephant and rhinoceros tusk trade in Canada.
Our main core values and beliefs are:
SustainabilityEnvironmental and social sustainability are our core values and is reflected in the work we do and how we do it.
Professionalism – Being transparent, accountable, and responsible for all we do within our organization and how we project that through the work we do.
Community – Our community of social media followers, partners, and volunteers are key components in achieving our goals of spreading awareness and holding fundraising events. Education is key to change and must be done in a compassionate, environmentally friendly, manner.


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