Volunteers are the backbone of an organization. They provide time, energy and talents that can produce game-changing and historical events. They generate enthusiasm and interest that help to create a positive image of the organization. Elephanatics has been lucky enough to find some of these people, but we are always in search of more talent!

Volunteer Opportunities for Elephanatics

  • Cultural Ambassadors and/or translators. This is a global problem! – see list here for Student Ambassador duties
  • Delivery of short classroom presentations – a volunteer willing to read our specific books to primary grades about poaching
  • Fundraiser organizers – leaders to take charge and start a fundraiser for elephants
  • Letter writing and petition circulation – start a campaign to help elephants by writing your political candidates
  • Social Media Involvement –  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook posting expertise
  • Newsletter authors – we need volunteers to put our newsletters in Mailchimp
  • Blog enthusiast/contributor
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Take part in our #Ivory-FreeCanada campaign – see below:

    The following organizations are working together as a coalition to act in concert to end the legal trade of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn in Canada: Elephanatics, Humane Society International-Canada; World Elephant Day; Global March Elephants and Rhinos – Toronto; and the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada. Please join the Ivory-Free Canada coalition and tell our government to end the legal domestic trade of elephant ivory. Look for our campaign –#IvoryFreeCanada. Sign and Share our petition at: change.org/IvoryFreeCanada

If you would like to donate your time to us, contact us at elephanaticsinfo@gmail.com, or fill out the form below:

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