Volunteers are the backbone of an organization. They provide time, energy and talents that can produce game-changing and historical events. They generate enthusiasm and interest that help to create a positive image of the organization. Elephanatics has been lucky enough to find some of these people, but we are always in search of more talent!

Volunteer Opportunities for Elephanatics

  • Cultural Ambassadors and/or translators. This is a global problem! – see list below for Ambassador duties
  • Delivery of short classroom presentations – a volunteer willing to read our specific books to primary grades about poaching
  • Fundraiser organizers – leaders to take charge and start a fundraiser for elephants
  • Letter writing and petition circulation – start a campaign to help elephants by writing your political candidates.
  • Social Media Involvement –  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook posting expertise
  • Website updating – we need experienced WordPress volunteers
  • Newsletter authors – we need volunteers to put our newsletters in Mailchimp
  • Blog enthusiast/contributor
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Take part in our #Ivory-FreeCanada campaign – see below:

    The following organizations are working together as a coalition to act in concert to end the legal trade in elephant ivory in Canada: Elephanatics, Humane Society International-Canada; World Elephant Day; Global March Elephants and Rhinos – Toronto; and the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada. Please join the Ivory-Free Canada coalition and tell our government to end the legal domestic trade of elephant ivory. Look for our campaign –#IvoryFreeCanada.

    Elephanatics wrote a letter to the Canadian government, requesting a ban on all domestic trade of elephant ivory. Over 100 Canadian and international scientists, politicians and animal organizations have co-signed the letter!

    We Need Your Help!

    1. Find a favorite picture of yourself and overlay the #IvoryFreeCanada picture above on it (instructions below). Post it on your social media with these tags: #IvoryFreeCanada and @elephanaticsbc. Challenge your friends to do the same to save elephants.
    2. Email your photo to elephanaticsinfo@gmail.com and we will add it to this page.
    3. Sign the petition that will also go to the government. We have over 574,000 signatures and are trying for 1 Million! Canadian AND international citizens can sign.
    4. Share the petition – change.org/IvoryFreeCanada – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any Social media platform.
    5. Tell your friends and family about the elephant crisis and how a domestic ban on elephant ivory trade would help.

    How to overlay  pictures in Word:

    Overlapping Images in Word 
    1. Click on one image.
    2. Click the Layout Options icon.
    3. Click See more.
    4. In the Options group on the Position tab, select the Allow overlap check box.
    5. Repeat this process for each picture that you want to be able to overlap.


Calling all students!  Become an Ambassador for Elephanatics!

We are looking for enthusiastic, elephant (animal) loving advocates to help continue our goal of spreading the word about the ongoing poaching crisis facing the African elephant and the unethical tourist trade in Asia.

Student Ambassador Duties

1) You would be in charge of formulating new and creative ways to share our cause, whether it be through fundraising ideas or social media OR both OR holding the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos that takes place every year in October. See below for more information.

2) You would be in charge of finding other students to assist you with our volunteer openings and coordinate activities pertaining to ongoing community outreach.

3) You would be asked to come to our general meetings and be introduced to the rest of the organization. (optional)

4) The perfect candidate would speak other languages that would benefit a multicultural audience (optional)

5) You would hold our organization’s values and beliefs that elephants need to be protected not only because they are a keystone species, but because they are sentient beings.

Optional Volunteer Position:

We are looking for volunteers who would be willing to hold the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos that takes place every October. The march is a huge undertaking and requires help throughout the year as well as the day of. I have included a list of volunteer jobs necessary for anyone interested in holding a march. You can also contact Global March for Elephants and Rhinos through their Facebook page: @March4Elephants for complete details on how to hold the march.

Join the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in Vancouver, or join/plan a march in your own city!

2017 Vancouver joined 137 cities and over 50,000 people worldwide who marched to raise awareness of the elephant and rhino poaching crisis facing these two species and to call for an end to the ivory and rhino horn trade that is pushing them rapidly towards extinction. Join us here!


If you would like to donate your time to us, contact us at elephanaticsinfo@gmail.com, or fill out the form below:

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