Intermediate Lessons

These detailed and comprehensive lesson plans/activities are designed for middle and secondary school teachers with students aged 11 to 14 years. Click here to view a menu selection or view All intermediate lesson plans below for easy download.

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Letter to Teachers and Principals

Lesson Plan 1 – Drawing A Line
Students learn about the unethical treatment of Asian Elephants in the tourism industry, habitat loss and fragmentation due to human population.
Drawing a Line – Asian Elephants
Drawing a Line – Powerpoint Presentation
Drawing a Line – Activity 2: Animal Use Cards 
Drawing a Line – Activity 2: Elephant Use Cards

Lesson Plan 2 – Elephants and Ivory
Students create concept maps and explain the ivory trade while contemplating multiple views on a controversial issue.
Elephants and Ivory – African Elephants
Elephants and Ivory – Activity 1: PowerPoint Presentation
Elephants and Ivory – Activity 1: Presentation Print Out

Lesson Plan 3 – Letters for Life – Ivory-Free Canada
Students learn to compose letters in support of elephant conservation while recognizing letter writing is an important civic action.
Letters for Life – #IvoryFreeCanada
Letter Writing Checklist
Letter Writing Facts
All About Ivory

Lesson Plan 4 – One Mouthful At A Time: How Forest Elephants Fight Climate Change
Students actively engage in raising awareness for the protection of Africa’s forest elephants and other elephants around the world by exploring aspects of the carbon cycle and how elephants play an integral part in mitigating climate change.
One Mouthful At A Time Lesson Plan
Forests as Carbon Sinks – PowerPoint Presentation
Forests as Carbon Sinks – Presentation Print Out
Cynicism Sells Editorial

Additional Background Information
Activity 3 Articles
Forest Elephants 101
Argumentative or Persuasive Essays
Carbon Sinks in Canada
Carbon Cycle (student reading)
Carbon Sequestration (student reading)
Climate 101
Climate Basics
Gabon Forest Project (student reading)
How to Write an Op-Ed

Lesson Plan 5 – Anthrozoology
Students explore the many varied ways in which humans perceive, engage, compete and co-exist with non-human animals.


Lesson Plan 6 – Effects of Elephant Poaching

The effects of elephant poaching are felt on a global basis. Students learn why, and how, they can help prevent this iconic species from becoming extinct.

Effects of Elephant Poaching
Ivory Is For Elephants – 9.19.20_RB_v5 (Mel)

Additional Resources

Educational Infographics by National Geographic
What Elephant Calls Mean

Become an Elephant Ambassador!


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