Intermediate Lessons

These intermediate lessons are suitable for ages 11-14

Show Compassion For The Elephant And make Your Pledge To Help Save Them:   compassion-pledge-sheet

Intermediate Lesson Plans:

1) Drawing a Line: Asian Intermediate Lesson Plan

Drawing a Line Asian PPT : Intermediate

Activity 2 cards:Asian:Drawing a line Intermediate

Elephant Use Cards :Asian:Drawing a line Intermediate

2) Elephants Matter Too:African: Intermediate:Primary

3) Elephants and Ivory: African:Intermediate 

Concept maps:Elephants and Ivory lesson plan 3

Concept maps:Elephant and Ivory lesson plan 3 Power Point

Hands Off Our Elephants: Why Burn Ivory: Elephant and Ivory lesson plan 3 )

4) Research effect of internet on ivory trade

5) Effects of poaching on elephant population

6) Educational infographics by The National Geographic

7) Project Ideas for Science Clubs, Animal Welfare Clubs, and Global Citizen Club

8) Elephant Intermediate Lesson Plan IV Anthrozoology 

ELEPHANTS – ENVIRONMENT – ECOLOGY – ECONOMY  – The 4 E’s and How They Are Related

What Elephant Calls Mean: A user’s Guide:  Listen to the many varied sounds of the elephant as it relates to its family:

Become an Ambassador at your school for Elephanatics

View video done by David Sheldrick Foster Parents on the work Elephanatics does to educate students and global march participants on the elephant poaching and unethical tourism crisis:

Re: dswtfosterparents – For more info please contact #dswtfostermom @fdbirdie @elephanaticsbc #Elephants are under threat from environmental changes, #poaching and human-animal conflict. 🔼 🔼 offers flexible, fun and engaging materials to #helpteachers engage students in the global and pressing issue of #elephant #extinctionTheir website also has a list of Sponsoring and Fostering Organizations that accept donations and sponsorship, organizations that include educational material on their websites, elephant apps, educational videos, books and more!! Please visit:

Education in action: In February 2015, the Director of Education, Fran, and the Chief Program Officer, Andrea, presented all of our lesson plans at a professional development day in front of K-12 teachers. They were all very eager to start using them!

Our Director of Education, Fran, teaching the above lesson plan to a grade 5 classroom in February, 2015:


March 2016: Leanne Fogarty,  Director of Education for Asian elephants, presents a power point presentation on the effects of the  tourist industry on elephants, and the poaching crisis of the African elephant.