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These lessons and activities are designed for middle and secondary school teachers with students 11 to 14 years. Click here to view a menu of all elementary and secondary school lesson plans and activities. Download lessons individually from the menu or below.

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Letter to Teachers and Principals

Lesson Plan 1 – Drawing A Line:
Students learn about the unethical treatment of Asian Elephants in the tourism industry, habitat loss and fragmentation due to human population.
Drawing a Line – Asian Elephants
Drawing a Line – Powerpoint Presentation
Drawing a Line – Activity 2: Animal Use Cards 
Drawing a Line – Activity 2: Elephant Use Cards

Lesson Plan 2 – Elephants and Ivory:
Students create concept maps and explain the ivory trade while contemplating multiple views on a controversial issue.
Elephants and Ivory – African Elephants
Elephants and Ivory – Activity 1: Powerpoint Presentation
Elephants and Ivory – Activity 1: Presentation Print Out

Lesson Plan 3 – Ivory-Free Canada:
Students learn to compose letters in support of elephant conservation while recognizing letter writing is an important civic action.
Letters for Life – #IvoryFreeCanada
Letter Writing Checklist
Letter Writing Facts
All About Ivory

Lesson Plan 4 – Anthrozoology:
Students explore the many varied ways in which humans perceive, engage,
compete and co-exist with non-human animals.

Lesson Plan 5 – Effects of Internet on Ivory Trade:
Effects of Internet on Ivory Trade

Lesson Plan 6 – Effects of Poaching on Elephant Populations:
Effects of Poaching on Elephant Populations

Additional Resources:
Projects for Science Class and Animal Welfare/Global Citizen Clubs
Educational Infographics by National Geographic
The 4 E’s: Elephants, Environment, Ecology & Economy
What Elephant Calls Mean

Be an Elephant Ambassador!
Become an Elephant Ambassador at Your School


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