Ethical Elephant Experiences

Riding an elephant is one of the most popular tourist activities in Asia. World Animal Protection claims their study revealed that more than three quarters of nearly 3,000 elephants used for tourist entertainment in Asia are kept in severely-cruel conditions.

Where can you ethically visit elephants?

Here are 35 sanctuaries in a dozen countries where you can have a much more enjoyable and interactive experience with elephants AND be guilt-free!

CAMBODIA             Mondulkiri Project             Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center

Elephant Valley Project      Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary

INDIA                      Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation & Care Center 

WRRC’s Elephant Care Facilities

KENYA                     David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

LAOS                        Elephant Conservation Center

MYANMAR             Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp

NAMIBIA                 Elephant-Human Relations Aid

NEPAL                      Tiger Tops Elephant Camp

SOUTH AFRICA      Tembe Elephant Park               Camp Jabulani

SRI LANKA              SLWCS’s Volunteer Program          Elephant Transit Home

Millennium Elephant Foundation          Elephant Freedom Project

THAILAND               SEF’s Elephant Nature Park & 7 other projects

Burm & Emily’s Elephant Sanctuary             Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

WFFT’s Thai Elephant Refuge           Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

Friends of the Asian Elephant             Elephant Hills

GVI’s Volunteer With Elephants          Elephants World

UNITED STATES       The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee            PAWS’s Ark 2000