How You Can Help

Donate to Elephanatics!

Purchase items from our merchandise line. All proceeds go to support African elephant conservation.

Please sign and share our petition to the Canadian government asking them to ban the domestic trade of elephant ivory in Canada:

Don’t purchase ivory. Stopping the demand will make poaching elephants profitless. After China, the United States is the second largest consumer of ivory. If we stop buying, the killing will too.

Don’t support places that use elephants as attractions such as rides or shows. This includes circuses and elephant encounters in Asia. In order for elephants to be docile enough for human interaction, they must be removed from their mothers at a very young age and subjected to cruel training.

Don’t support zoos with elephants. The poaching industry and zoos go hand in hand, as many babies of poached mothers will be sold to zoos internationally

Volunteer with Elephanatics. Getting involved by spreading the word about ending the trade in ivory goes a long way to helping. Check our volunteer section for ways you can help.

Become a student Ambassador at your school. Start a club for endangered species, or an Elephanatics club!    Elephanatics-Ambassador-duties

Teach our Education Lesson Plans:

Read Elephanatics contribution to The Guardian UK paper Q&A “What You Can Do To Help Elephants”




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