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Elephants – The Need For Their Survival elementary lesson plans:

These detailed and comprehensive lesson plans/activities are designed for elementary school teachers with students aged 8 to 11 years.  View All elementary lesson plans below for easy download. Lesson plans are written for both US and Canadian curriculums.  See Canadian and US curriculum breakdowns –  NGSS for lessons

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Read First
Letter to Teachers and Principals

Lesson Plan 1 – Different Lives
Students learn to empathize with elephants while learning the differences between African and Asian elephants and comparing an elephant’s life in the wild versus a captive elephant used for the tourist industry.
Different Lives-AfricanAndAsian 
African vs Asian
10 Interesting Facts About Elephants

Lesson Plan 2 – Elephants Matter Too
Students learn to recognize similar characteristics between humans and elephants while identifying emotions that humans and elephants have in common.
Elephants Matter Too- Primary African Elephant

Lesson Plan 3 – Ivory-Free Canada
Students learn to compose letters in support of elephant conservation while recognizing letter writing is an important civic action.
Letters for Life – #IvoryFreeCanada
Letter Writing Checklist
Letter Writing Facts
All About Ivory

Lesson Plan 4 – Are Elephants Colorblind?
Students explore whether or not elephants are colorblind, as they learn how elephants see the world.
Are Elephants Colorblind?

Lesson Plan 5 – Ivory Is For Elephants – PPT Presentation

Online Educational Presentation – Ivory Is For Elephants

Additional Elephant Activities
Elephant Coloring Book
Compassion Pledge Sheet
Start Your Own Petition
Project Lesson Plan ideas for Science class-Animal welfare-Global citizen Clubs
Become an Ambassador for Elephanatics


Elephant Facts: 30 Incredible facts about elephants.

Birthday Fundraisers for Elephants
If you are turning 4 or 40 you can donate to help save elephants.
Eva and friends painted for the elephants at her birthday party. The elephant’s trumpet!

Class Fundraisers For Elephants

The Elephanatics Elephant Education Fundraising Kit is specially designed for anyone wanting to have fun and help save elephants! Included in the kit are instructions and resources to help give direction when starting a fundraiser. Take a look at the Introductory Letter for ideas on how to create your very own fundraising kit!


Student Ambassador, Ella, from Hillcrest Professional Development School in Waco, Texas created this exceptional presentation for her classroom and school competition. She was successful in raising awareness about the African elephant poaching crisis and made her own “Don’t Harm the Elephant Charms” to raise money for our organization. She is Elephanatics’ super Ambassador!






Photographs for Projects
Credit for the 3 photos below – Heather. Permission to use for classroom projects.

Credit for the 3 photos below – Jasper. All taken in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Permission to use for classroom projects.

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