Mandate For Elephant and Rhinoceros Ivory Tusk Trade To End

Great news in today! A time to celebrate the work of so many wonderful people who have made this happen.
Prime Minister Trudeau has mandated that our new Minister of Environment, Steven Guilbeault:
  •  Work with partners to curb illegal wildlife trade and end elephant and rhinoceros tusk trade in Canada.
  •  Introduce legislation to protect animals in captivity.
We thank the Canadian government for making these issues an integral part of the Environment Minister’s mandate.
It goes without saying that we are extremely pleased, but realize we could not have accomplished this without the help of all of you.
Our deepest thanks to all our supporters, domestically and globally, our #IvoryFreeCanada coalition partners, the hundreds of scientists, politicians, conservationists, and NGO’s who signed our letter, our petition, and the Canadian consultation requesting for a ban on the domestic trade of elephant ivory in Canada.
It’s a time to rejoice and be grateful for steps taken! The future of elephants and wildlife depends on getting regulations done. We look forward to making sure it does.
🐘 Way To Go Team Elephants! 🐘
Read full mandate letter here
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