#GivingTuesday 2021 – Mara Elephant Project – Rangers

This #GivingTuesday November 2021, Elephanatics is raising money for their partner organization, the Mara Elephant Project
Please consider purchasing of one of the items listed in the AmazonSmile Wish List. Make it a gift to give someone for the holiday season that will be appreciated and used. Let’s keep elephants safe and alive!
A great way to support Mara Elephant Project’s rangers and research department is through their AmazonSmile Wish List. Loaded with items essential to their work both in the field and in their office at headquarters, you’ll find a great, tangible way to celebrate these men and women’s work that protects elephants and their habitats in the Greater Mara Ecosystem. Featured items include Garmin watches and iReach devices used by MEP rangers to communicate back to headquarters and send location coordinates and provides them with GPS navigation. The list also includes some basic essentials like a First Aid kit, re-chargeable flashlights, binoculars and a UV protection hood and face mask perfect for working in the field under COVID conditions. So, shop now to support MEP’s rangers and research staff this holiday season.
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