Congratulate Mara Elephant Project 10-year Anniversary!

Join Elephanatics in congratulating our partner, the Mara Elephant Project (MEP) on a decade of operation today, September 12, 2021. In the last decade, MEP focused on teaching, training, and employing Maasai men and women to be first responders to save wildlife and wild spaces.

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World Elephant Day 2021

Happy #WorldElephantDay! 2021
The wondrous world and existence of elephants is trumpeted today!
World Elephant Day has highlighted our coalition’s #IvoryFreeCanada campaign and consultation brought forth by the Canadian government to ban the trade of elephant ivory in Canada. Please sign and share pre-written letter: https://bit.ly/ivoryfreecan

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Everyone Urged To Speak Up For Elephants In Global Public Consultation

PUBLIC CONSULTATION  – Federal government has launched a 60-day global public consultation to hear feedback on proposed measures to restrict or end the elephant ivory trade! Everyone is urged to participate in the consultation to provide government feedback.  Please take action by sending in pre-written letter at: https://bit.ly/ivoryfreecan

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Elephants – Economies – Ecosystems = Biodiversity

What is the value of protecting Biodiversity?

“Biodiversity is an all-encompassing term for what many regard as nature-related risk. It includes the food we eat, the soil, clean water supplies, landscapes, and forests. Nature-related risk affects all those who rely on nature’s services in their supply chains, from fashion, to farming and construction. Today our concern is climate risk; tomorrow it will be about biodiversity and everything that is beyond carbon.”

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