Lady Gets Rescued!


Many will recall we fundraised to rescue Joumban & Mae Seang in Laos earlier this year. If we have learned anything about rescues, it is that rescues change on a dime! The sanctuary asked us to donate to another rescue as they had since raised enough for Joumban & Mae Seang (who are now safe in sanctuary). We felt they were not taking enough care to ensure the seller didn’t buy another elephant – perhaps a baby – from the wild. We absolutely do not want to take that risk, so we kept looking for another rescue opportunity.

We thought we had settled on one, again in Laos, but the status kept changing so we held off any announcements. Unfortunately, they haven’t secured a major donor yet (we can only be a part-donor) so we are still communicating with several sanctuaries, including Elephant Nature Park, waiting for an ethical rescue.

A few days ago we heard Global Sanctuary for Elephants (GSE) in Brazil needed help with a rescue. Lady is an adorable, fluffy elephant, born in captivity, who spent 40 excruciating years in a circus and then 7 years in João Pessoa Zoo, Brazil. She will travel by road to the sanctuary in several days’ time. Lady’s feet are in the worst shape due to captivity – some nails are black! They will never fully recover but considerable funds are needed to give Lady the best relief possible. We have donated – thanks to you, our supporters – $1,200 towards Lady’s immediate vet care upon her arrival to GSE. (If any donors to the Joumban rescue do not wish their donations directed towards Lady’s care, please let us know and we will issue a refund.) We are very excited to finally be able to help our first ASIAN elephant! We will update you very shortly as soon as Lady’s rescue from the zoo begins!

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