It’s Friday the 13th but Good Luck for Us!

Volunteers Make ALL The Difference! 
A big thank you to our grade 11 student volunteer, Muskan Sadioura, who has been super proactive in sharing Elephanatics mission to protect the African and Asian elephant!
Muskan is a student at Fleetwood Park Secondary School in Surrey and has worked diligently at sharing our lesson plans with teachers, encouraging other students to support us, and has given an announcement to her whole school about our organization.
She will be introducing Elephanatics to her elementary school’s student council this June and will give a school wide announcement next October about our organization. She has also offered to deliver presentations to summer camps that have requested us to speak this summer.
We can’t thank her enough for her passion and drive to support elephants and her desire to give back to the community.
Thank you, Muskan!!
Pic 1) Muskan delivers announcement to school.
Pic 2) Display in Fleetwood Park Secondary School hall on elephants.
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