Donation to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand!

It is with great pleasure that we are able to donate to Wildlife Friends Foundation in Thailand to help them continue their outstanding work and care of elephants and other wildlife at their sanctuary.

The major goals of their organization are:

  • To rescue and rehabilitate captive wild animals and provide high-quality care and a safe environment for them to live for the rest of their lives, in a setting as close to nature as possible.
  • To campaign against all forms of animal abuse and exploitation in Thailand, work towards ending the illegal pet trade and discourage people from keeping all wild animals as pets. WFFT actively seeks to combat the illegal wildlife trade and to rescue animals from poor conditions or exploitation from human entertainment.
  • To provide veterinary assistance to any sick or injured animal; wild or domestic.
  • To educate and encourage local people (especially children), tourists and the international community to appreciate, understand and protect wildlife and their natural habitats. One of the most significant aspects of wildlife conservation is the education of local communities and raising awareness among tourists, who often inadvertently create a big demand for the exploitation of wildlife. WFFT wishes to make people understand the consequences of their actions and aims to persuade them to change their habits and attitudes towards life. If the buying stops the killing will too.  Tours are given to tourists at the rescue centre with the aim of raising awareness for the plight of the animals in promoting responsible eco-tourism
  • To assist in and develop new projects relating to protection, rehabilitation, humane captive environments, and welfare of all wild animals.
  • To rehabilitate captive wild animals and release them back into the wild, repopulating forest areas in which they are already endangered or extinct.

Thank you for your commitment and care of wildlife.

Elephanatics funds donated to the elephant Refuge –

Please visit their website at: for more information.



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