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Send a Letter and Tweet for Mother Earth. Easy Clicks, Ongoing

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
12:30 AM – 11:30 PM
Text of automated letter and tweet sheet will be attached on the day before the event. Sooner if available.
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Dear Elephanatics Supporters,
emd wildlife markets.jpg
We hope this message finds you all safe from this pandemic that has swept the world with a vengeance! 
Elephanatics has taken part in a global campaign to #EndWildlifeMarkets and #EndCovid in conjunction with many other international organizations worldwide.
The wildlife markets in China are the prime suspect for the current pandemic that is killing people at an unprecedented rate and have been the cause of other pathological diseases such as SARS and MERS.

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 epidemic has prompted China to permanently ban the trade of wild animals as food, but, unfortunately, not for medicinal use. Pangolins are suspected as a potential Coronavirus host but it has not yet been determined exactly what has caused COVID-19. The decision to ban the trade in wildlife, however, does not ban trade for fur, medicine or research. 

“This creates potential loopholes for traffickers who may exploit the non-food exemptions to sell or trade live wildlife,” stated Wildlife Conservation Society.  There is a large trade in wildlife that is not related to consumption. Traditional Chinese Medicine is controlled by the government and pangolin scales are used widely in this medicine, which leaves room for illegal activity to take place due to the loophole in the ban. 

The cruelty and conditions in which animals are subjected to in wildlife markets are beyond horrific. Placed in cages for days and mixed together with open sores and wounds and then killed on-site with their blood mixing are all cause for infectious diseases to manifest and propagate.
The link between wildlife markets, illegal wildlife trade, and Traditional Chinese Medicine are synonymous and cohesive in effect. Trafficking of wildlife and their body parts and their use as medicines must end to prevent further pandemics and for the prevention of extinction, especially of the pangolin that is the most trafficked animal in the world. By ending these markets you will be assisting in preventing poaching and curbing the illegal wildlife trade. 
“The next pandemic is already coming, unless humans change how we interact with wildlife, scientists say” – Washington Post.
We encourage you to take the time to participate in sharing the letter and tweets on the link above.
Together we can #EndWildlifeMarkets and #EndCovid.
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