Donation Recipient #3: WFFT Elephant Refuge – Thailand

Donation Recipient #3: WFFT Elephant Refuge – Thailand
Thailand has approx. 2,000 wild and 3,000 captive elephants. The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand opened in 2001 to rescue, rehabilitate and release many species of captive wild animals. The ones that cannot survive in the wild (currently around 1,000) are given a loving, permanent home. The center is 2.5 hours drive south of Bangkok.
The Elephant Refuge at WFFT cares for 25 elephants. Each has been rescued from an abusive past of tourist rides, street begging or illegal logging. They are all chain-free, enjoying huge enclosures up to 5 hectares and long walks in the surrounding forest.
Elephanatic’s $2000 donation will feed 10 elephants for a month! This includes Thong Poon, a confidant and curious 25 year old lady rescued from a trekking camp in Pattaya. Her two front legs were hobbled in chains, with no access to water and in direct sunlight daily. She had also given birth to two calves which were taken away from her, causing her to be very aggressive and unpredictable. As you can see she is very happy now at where you can volunteer and meet her!

(สำหรับภาษาไทยเลื่อนอ่านข้างล่าง) After Thong Poon moved to her brand new enclosure for more than 48 hours, she began to adjust and enjoy walking, grazing, s…

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