Donation Recipient #2: Kulen elephant Forest Sanctuary

Donation Recipient #2: Kulen Elephant Forest Sanctuary
The future of Cambodia’s elephant population is dire. There are only 400 wild and 75 captive elephants. When elephant riding was banned at Angkor Wat, Kulen took in all 14 of these over-worked and tired pachyderms. Now they roam free in a protected forest of 1,100 acres where the sanctuary resides.
Outgoing and active Chi Mean (40 years) and curious, dominant Chi Ole (37) are best friends at Kulen. They were caught from the wild and worked together in a village and then Angkor Wat. Now happily retired, these two gals are inseparable. At Kulen they are allowed to sleep beside each other, so literally spend 24/7 together which they love.
Elephanatic’s donation of $2,000 will feed Chi Mean and Chi Ole, as well as the two other lady elephants they hang out with, for one month.
When travel is again an option, this sanctuary offers 3 elephant experiences where you learn about elephants as you follow them through their natural habitat, observing their relationships and behaviors.

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