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Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!

Elephanatics Impact and Activities | 2022

Over 2022 Elephanatics’ continued to advocate on behalf of African elephants to fundraise, build partnerships, and educate Canadians about the ongoing and multiple threats that affect both African communities and elephants.

We share some of this year’s highlights below and in the video above.


The first ever Fran Duthie Elephant Conservation scholarship was awarded to Janeth Jepkemboi, a Conservation masters student, now attending Karatina University, Kenya.

The scholarship provides financial support to Kenyan nationals acquiring a technical certificate, undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters or PhD) degree in an area related to conservation and the protection of wildlife. Read more here.

Elephanatics offers free lesson plans and resources for elementary and intermediate students including reference articles, books and apps and educational videos.


New 2022 Lesson Plan for Grades 6 to 12, “Elephanatics newest lesson plan Rewilding” aims to restore healthy ecosystems by creating wild, biodiverse spaces that are self-sustaining without human interference. Download Rewilding lesson plan here

Access all education resources here.

New lesson plans will be announced early January 2023.


  • Rene Beyers virtual school presentation “Ivory is For Elephants. See video here.
  • San Diego – elementary school teacher taught 6 month project that focused on extinction of wildlife with an emphasis on elephants for Elephanatics
  • Student conservation ambassador’s delivered presentations.
  • Local classroom presentations done by directors in Elephanatics


Elephanatics partnered with not-for-profit SEEDBALLS Kenya whose mission is to re-green habitats in Kenya. SEEDBALLS Kenya is an African based organization that has pioneered a method of mass-producing seedballs for low cost and efficient reintroduction of trees and grass species into degraded areas in Africa. Their methodology will help rebuild ecosystems that have been degraded by human interference. We are happy to promote the outstanding work SEEDBALLS Kenya does in assisting with restoring and reforesting areas of Africa hardest hit by habitat destruction.


  • On World Elephant Day, Elephanatics fundraised for SEEDBALLS Kenya and raised enough money to cover the cost of 5 x 25kg bags of seedballs to assist Mara Elephant Project and their surrounding areas.
  • On Giving Tuesday we fundraised to support the Fran Duthie Conservation Scholarship, held with Mara Elephant Project, and were pleased to receive additional funds to support future students.
  • We sold items through Elephanatics merchandise line, Spring, on specific holiday events during the year to help support our cause. We thank you for your purchases!


  • In advance of CoP19 Elephanatics, in partnership with Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, outlined the need for the greatest protection for all elephants. Read letter and outcome of Conference of Parties here.
  • In advance of CoP19 Elephanatics sent letters of concern to all MP’s, PM Trudeau and Minister Stephen Gilbeault regarding global elephant protection at CoP19. Read letter here.
  • We continue to work with Humane Society International and our Ivory-Free Canada partners to enact the mandate to end the elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn trade by the Canadian government. Read more here.
  • Elephanatics and its global partners continue to support action to end Recon Africa’s drilling in the ecologically sensitive Okavango Delta.
  • Elephanatics continues to support the work of Mara Elephant Project.
  • Elephanatics has donated to Mara Elephant Project this year to support their female Ranger Week, MEP Experimental Farm, and Loita Forest Ranger teams.


“Elephanatics African Elephant Specialist Director, Dr. Rene Beyers, co-edited and published the “Routledge Handbook of Rewilding” this year. It is a comprehensive overview of the history, theory, and current practices of rewilding. This followed last year’s publication of “A Place Like No Other,” Discovering the Secrets of Serengeti, which he co-wrote with Prof. Antony Sinclair from UBC. Congratulations, Rene!


Without our small but mighty group of volunteers we couldn’t do the work we do.

With special thanks and kudos to: Carol Ann and Brian Kunimoto, Chelsey Bogaczewicz, Melissa Torres, Jade Crawford, Melanie Reding, and Jett Britnell.

We thank ALL our wonderful donors, volunteers, and directors for their enormous support during the year. We wish you all a very happy, healthy, harmonious, holiday season.

Until next year, keep enjoying elephants with us!

Elephanatics Team


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