Donation Recipient #1: MandaLao Elephant Conservation

Donation Recipient #1: MandaLao Elephant Conservation
Once known as “The Land of One Million Elephants”, Laos now has just 700 wild and 400 captive elephants. The decline was due to logging (now illegal), a reduced natural habitat, and poaching. MandaLao, the only chain-free project in Laos, provides a loving home to 13 elephants that were taken from the wild to be used for logging. The center also offers medical care to other captive elephants, promotes positive reinforcement training, and develops conservation strategies to support wild elephants.
Laos has closed its borders due to COVID-19 so MandaLao is without tourists, and therefore an income. Elephanatics’ $2000 donation will feed 4 elephants for a month, including Mahn and Moen (below), a mother and daughter who were reunited by MandaLao after being apart for 9 years.
Just a half hour’s drive from Luang Prabang, MandaLao normally offers 4 elephant experiences, including walking with them in the forest. They are very grateful to you for donating. Learn about the complex relationship between Mahn and her mahout Vee in the mini-doc “The Last Mahout” at

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