Elephanatics Donates to 3 Asian Elephant Sanctuaries amid COVID-19

Elephanatics is excited to announce that it will be assisting three Asian elephant sanctuaries in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many sanctuaries are struggling to feed their elephants due to the shortage of tourists and volunteers. We have carefully chosen three to receive CAD$2,000 each:

Kulen Elephant Forest – Cambodia
MandaLao Elephant Conservation – Laos
Wildlife Friends Foundation – Thailand

We have waited for over a year for an appropriate rescue opportunity to arise. The chances of one during the epidemic are even slimmer. We decided the donations many of you kindly gave, should go to several elephants which do in fact need rescuing in this time of peril. We are essentially helping three sanctuaries and I suspect most of you would agree this is the right thing to do at this time.

There will be future opportunities to rescue an elephant from the tourist industry.

Watch for upcoming posts about each sanctuary in the next few days. We thank you again for your kind donations and wish you all to stay safe.

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