Thank You to the 95 Signatories on the Letter to Government

Elephanatics would like to recognise the 95 Canadian and international animal advocacy organisations, Members of the BC Legislature and Parliament of Canada, scientists and environmentalists who co-signed our letter to the Canadian government. The #ivoryfreecanada letter was sent on March 14, 2018 and urged the government for a ban on the import, export, re-export and domestic trade of all elephant ivory.

Some of the signatories include BC SPCA, International Fund for Animal Welfare, the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, Big Life Foundation, Born Free, World Elephant Day, Stop Ivory and African Wildlife Foundation. Noted elephant research scientists Dr Richard Leakey, Dr Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell, Dr Joyce Poole and Dr Cynthia Moss also put their name to the letter.

We are gratified for the support of all the signatories – particularly the elephant community around the world. The signatories did not stop at just signing the letter. The Elephant Protection Initiative also sent a letter echoing our requests to the Canadian government. Most groups highlighted the #ivoryfreecanada campaign on their facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Some also featured it on their websites, e-newsletters and press releases to the media.

This kind of campaign cannot be successful without the backing of these noted organisations and individuals. We also cannot show the government that an ivory ban is wanted by the majority of Canadians without the support of the public. Enclosed with our letter to government is a link to our online petition. It has garnered over 130,000+ signatures and is growing every minute!

Thank you #ivoryfreecanada letter signatories!

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