GMFER Letter to CITES CoP18 + Tweet Demands

CITES is meeting NOW making decisions about POACHING, IVORY TRADE, TROPHY HUNTING, and increased PROTECTION for Wildlife.

Their fate requires our ACTION NOW! ❀🐘🦁❀ Please SIGN letter in link below. Thank you!πŸ™


Please sign the letter; please sign even if you have signed before; we are collecting signatures anew. Once you’ve signed the letter, please do go over to the tweet sheet and tweet out our DEMANDS.

You can tweet over the duration of CoP18. Aug17-Aug28th, 2019.


We call on CITES @CoP18 to:

1. 🐘🦏⚑Exempt all animals listed on Appendix I and II from trophy hunting and trade in their body parts and live animals.

2. 🐘🦏⚑Demand that Japan and the EU close down their domestic ivory trade.

3. 🐘🦏⚑Ban animals with Appendix I and II status from captive breeding; their body parts/bones fuel the illegal wildlife trade and the demand for endangered species.

4. 🐘🦏⚑Vote in favour of proposals to uplist elephants to Appendix I and giraffes to Appendix II.

5. 🐘🦏⚑Reject proposals by certain SADC countries to re-open trade in ivory and other elephant body parts and in rhino horn.

6. 🐘🦏⚑Establish greater transparency in CITES’ issuing of permits, specifically permits for hunting trophies and export of live endangered species.

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