Mara Elephant Project & Elephanatics
November 28, 2017

Mara Elephant Project
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On Tuesday, November 28, the world takes a collective breath before the holidays and seeks out those organizations deserving of their charitable giving during the holidays. In a season that’s increasingly become very “me” oriented, people reach outside of themselves and see the real impact their dollars can make in this world.

A partnership between Elephanatics and the Mara Elephant Project highlights the true global nature of elephant protection and ecosystem conservation. Our aligning missions couldn’t be more indicative of this partnership, MEP’s mission is to protect elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem in Kenya and Elephanatics’ mission is to assist global elephant conservation efforts by educating Canadians about issues of ivory poaching and habitat loss by connecting Canadians directly with elephant conservation partners in Africa.

We focus on three pillars of advocacy: conservation, education and action. These three keys to Elephanatics success are also why MEP was such an attractive partner. Their approach to protecting elephants is three pronged: elephant collaring, monitoring and research; anti-poaching patrols and rapid response units; and human-elephant conflict mitigation, which includes community engagement and education amongst other innovative techniques and technologies.

We love that MEP also refers to itself as a “boots on the ground organization.” While Elephanatics is out raising awareness and garnering support at the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, MEP is deploying rangers on the ground to mitigate human-elephant conflict. We are truly two organizations working on a parallel path.

The MEP connection comes from Dr. Jake Wall, the co-founder and chief scientific researcher of Elephanatics. Dr. Wall and MEP worked together in 2016 on his GPS tracking system with advanced mapping technology algorithms that can detect anomalies in a single elephant’s movements. MEP uses Dr. Wall’s tracking system on their 23 collared elephants to detect poaching or injury in an elephant’s movements.

Elephanatics is committed to aligning ourselves with other organizations that hold the same philosophies and values as we do and we feel Mara Elephant Project’s work could not reflect any better our commitment to raise money and awareness.

MEP’s Tracking Manager Wilson planting trees for a sustainable woodlot at a MEP sponsored school.

 Collared elephant, Chelsea, with her baby.

MEP’s rangers at work in the field at night.



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