Introducing ‘Ashleigh Olsen’ Artist extraordinaire!

“I was born in South Africa in 1981 and grew up in both South Africa and East Africa.  Having always been passionate about the environment and art I was fortunate to have traveled extensively to many of the most beautiful wild places in Africa and have lasting images of inspiration.

After graduating from Rhodes University with an Honours degree in Environmental Science I briefly worked as an environmental consultant before I decided in 2008 to dedicate my energy to being a full-time artist. Since 2008 I have been pursuing and growing as an artist and am mostly self-taught. My love of the natural world is the inspiration behind the majority of my work.  Conservation causes are important to me, and I like contributing my support through artwork for fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Although I love to work in a variety of mediums, charcoal has become one of my biggest loves and for the last few years I have worked mostly in this medium.  The organic nature of charcoal, its versatility and almost sculptural character has opened up a wonderful world for me to explore the different elements of texture, mood and light. Through my work I hope to express my passion for nature and to inspire others to connect with the natural world and to become active in protecting it.”

Please visit Ashleigh’s website at:  for an experience of aesthetic pleasure and nature beyond compare!

elephant-2-ashleigh elephant-ashleigh rhino-pic-2-sa rhino-pic-sa


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