Tusker Tim Gives Thanks at Christmas

‘Twas two nights before Christmas

And all through the land,

All the elephants were waiting

For a total ivory ban.


Conservationists were musing

On how things looked so grim,

Humans had tried to kill Kenya’s largest bull:

Tusker Tim!


When what to their surprise

Tusker arrived with a clatter,

To their camp at Amboseli

So they could take care of the matter.


Protruding from his head

There appeared a large spear,

Someone had tried to kill him

The second attempt in two years.


The veterinarian went to work

On his forehead and ear,

Happy to realize he wasn’t poisoned

And that his fatality was not near.


Tusker Tim was so thankful

For the conservationists work,

He trumpeted loudly

And then turned with a jerk.


Summoning family

And friends that he knew,

From Amboseli’s AA and EA

GB and JA too.


Now, Gwen! now, Eloise!

Now, Golda! and Alison!

On, Jolene! on Jamila!

On, Jean! and Jackson!


The wound on his skin did not deter

His great scheme,

Of surprising his helpers

Who were such a professional team!


To the depths of the savannah

They all went different ways,

To gather their presents

For delivery on Christmas Day.


Tusker Tim sought out pumpkin

Jolene searched for plants,

Jean found some tree bark

But Golda only found ants!


To the glee of the conservationists

Tusker Tim led the way,

Of thanking them for all they do

Each and every day.


To be thankful at Christmas

Is what it’s all about,

Without the care from others

Elephant’s lives would be far worse off.


He ended with reminding them

That they needed a better plan,

To convince the world

That elephants need A TOTAL IVORY BAN!


But today he was merry

And did not dwell on the hateful,

He banished negative thoughts

And was internally grateful!


May we all learn from Tusker Tim

The lesson of the white dove,

By spreading trunks of peace to all

The focus is on sharing love.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good elephant!



                     Tusker Tim


written by /Fran Duthie

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