“Hello Vancity” Gives Trunks Up to Vancouver Fashion Week Elephant Couture

Vancouver Fashion Week: Highlights and Trends For Fall/Winter 2016-17

Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) was a huge success showcasing talented emerging designers from 25 countries. I was able to get to know some of the designers and found out that most of them got their inspirations from their own stories! No wonder they created such exceptional designs! Throughout the fashion week, fashionistas around the world and those at home were able to watched the shows via live streaming as if they were at the front row. The event attendees were fashion journalists including the fashion bloggers, elite fashionistas, buyers, scouts, politicians and Miss World organization committee. Six designers featured menswear in case you are wondering, hair styling by Revlon was fabulous as always and thank you to the official VFW photographers; Harry Leonard, Aziz Dhamani, Dale Rollings, Ed Ng Photography, Jerry Lum, Mike Wu Photography and Simon Lau (Monday & Wednesday); because of them I was able to sit back, took fashion notes and enjoy the show! The 7 days of wine tasting was a treat byMeiomi Coastal Capital Wine and After parties were hosted at the Republic, Bar None and Cabana.

Fall/Winter 2016-17 HIGHLIGHTS

Two important highlights of the event I believe was the elephant advocacy by Elephanatics and the other one was showcasing aspiring fashion designers and students of LaSalle College and JCI Institute Fashion Design graduates.

Elephanatics is the voice of hope for the Asian and African elephants with its mission to raise awareness and disseminating information with the challenges that they are facing right now leading them to extinction: poaching in Africa and tourist trade in Asia; please let us be responsible with our co-existing species.

Please DO NOT buy ivory and when in Asia DO NOT engage in taking pictures with these animals riding on their back and trunk, also cuddle-free any wildlife animals anywhere in the world. This causes emotional damage to the animals, it is probably cute and ‘selfie” worthy to us but it is a lifetime threat in their behavior. Only WE can help them survive and only WE can lead them into extinction! What will you choose? To gather more information about this advocacy, visit them online or follow them on instagram at @elephanaticsbc.


In partnership with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust; Ava J Holmes, a wildlife researcher for conservation, non-profits and runway producer for her company, A-DOT Productions L.L.C. focusing on bringing mentorship, collaboration and sustainability into fashion through exhibitions like Elephantasia. A collaboration with the following fantastic designers namely Anna Fora, Amit Ayalon, Alex S. Yu, Brigid Ko, Danny Reinke, Dawson & Deveraux, Devonation, Eria Lamarque, Jacqui Bennet, Katherine Soucie, Mila Hermanovski and Tatiana Shebelnick made it possible to VFW. Check and follow the collab-collection from the said designers at @elephantasia2016.


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