Educational Videos

We have added a few informational videos to use for homework projects. Search the web for more!

Stopping poachers before they kill wildlife: Saving the world one algorithm at a time | The Age of A.I.
(47 minutes)

The fight against the ivory trade | Dr Caroline Cox
 (7:00 minutes)

“What caused the COVID-19 outbreak? A bat? A pangolin? 

Why Elephants Never Forget Video
Credit: TEDEd and Alex Gendler –  (5 minutes)

The Elephant and Rhino Poaching Crisis
Elephanatics Co-founder, Dr Jake Wall, at Elephanatics Global March for Elephants and Rhinos
Credit video: Elephanatics – (5 minutes)

Infographic Video on the Nature of Elephants & Poaching
Credit: WildAid –  (3.5 minutes)
Credit: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust –  (12.5 minutes)
The Great Elephant Census: Counting Africa’s Elephants
The video is available in the link above and the final report is at:
Credit: HHMI BioInteractive, Vulcan Productions – September, 2016 (8.5 mins)
Other informational videos:
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