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Primary Lesson Plans Ages 8-11 

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Different Lives Lesson Plan:

Different Lives: African and Asian Elephants
African vs Asian
10 Interesting facts on elephants

Elephants Matter Too Lesson Plan:

Elephants Matter Too- African Elephant

Ivory Free Canada Lesson Plan:

Letters for Life #IFC 
Letter Writing Checklist (younger)
Letter-writing facts
All About Ivory

Miscellaneous Elephant Activites 


Compassion Pledge sheet

Start your own petition

Birthday Fundraisers for Elephants – If you are turning 4 or 40 you can donate to help save elephants!

Eva and friends paint for elephants at her B-day party! The elephant’s trumpet!

Have your class fundraise for elephants!  This new and easy kit is specially designed for anyone wanting to help a worthy cause to help save elephants! Included in the kit are instructions and resources to help give direction when starting a fundraiser. Feel free to take a look a the introductory letter from the kits, or contact us here to get your full kit:


★★★Student Ambassador, Ella, from Hillcrest Professional Development School in Waco, Texas created this exceptional presentation for her classroom and school competition. She was successful in raising awareness about the African elephant poaching crisis and made her own “Don’t Harm the Elephant Charms” to raise money for our organization. She is Elephanatics’ super Ambassador! See here: Illegal ivory trade powerpoint ★★★

Education in action

If you would like us to do a presentation in front of your classroom or an organization you’re a part of, please contact us to set up a time.

March 2019 Teaching Compassion

Elephants need compassion and support. Students in San Diego stand in defense of elephants and pledge compassion to bring awareness to the crisis facing these majestic animals.



April 11th, 2017 Teaching Empathy 

Elephants share many similar emotions as humans – Love is just one!

Teaching empathy to students at #Encanto Elementary in San Diego CA, has spurned them to open an Elephanatics club to help end the crisis facing the African and Asian elephant from poaching and unethical tourism.

April 22nd, 2016  Earth Day

Elephant Earth Day Braemar Elementary School in North Vancouver was a wonderful day for the elephants! Sixty students listened to Elephanatics ‘Saving the Elephant’  in-class presentation about the poaching crisis, given by Fran Duthie – Director of Education. They marched the school shouting: “SAVE ALL ELEPHANTS”! Thank you for your support!







March, 2016

At the annual, “Reading is Fundamental”, event at the University of British Columbia, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and Beta Theta Pi fraternity taught children at University Hill Elementary about the African elephant poaching crisis.


Saving the Elephant“: The poaching crisis powerpoint in-class presentation done by our Director of Education, Fran, in March 2014:


Saving the Elephant“: The poaching crisis powerpoint in-class presentation done by our Director of Education, Fran, in February 2015:

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Saving the Elephant“: The poaching crisis powerpoint in-class presentations done by our Director of Education, Fran, and our Chief Program Officer, Andrea, on June 17th, 2015.

The children were surprised to hear that ivory was worth more than gold. They enjoyed learning about the role elephants play as a keystone species, and asked some inquisitive questions, such as:

“If ivory hunting is illegal, why do poachers still hunt? How do people buy ivory if it’s illegal?”
“What does crisis mean and what does poaching mean?”
“Are elephants colourblind?”
“How do elephants get food?” They were shocked to hear elephants are herbivores.
“Why don’t poachers just shave off end of tusks instead of killing the animal?”

Interactive Videos done by Students in San Diego School District and Vancouver School District:

Public Service Announcement Video from grade 5 students of Encanto Elementary:  Elephant Fun Facts

Braemar Elementary School Shouts it Out for an #ivoryfreecanada:

Why Elephants Never Forget Video:


Credit photographs – Heather Wall, Kenya, Africa. Permission to use for classroom projects

Credit photographs – Jasper Richer’s photos of elephants in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Permission to use for classroom projects


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