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Classroom Presentations:

If you would like us to do a PowerPoint presentation in front of your classroom or organization, please contact us. Presentations are 1 hour long and topics include:

  1. Poaching and habitat loss threaten African elephants and how we all can help
  2. How elephants can save us by mitigating global warming
  3. How elephants are responsible for maintaining healthy biodiversity and ecosystems
  4. Teaching empathy towards animals to children

                                                 A Thank You To Teachers  


Some Past Presentations Given at Schools and Online!

Kwantlen Park Secondary School – teacher presents info session on our lesson plan – Effects of elephant poaching

** May 22nd, is #BiodiversityDay. We were fortunate to have two grade 10 volunteer students from #FleetwoodParkSecondary deliver Elephanatics biodiversity presentation to their fellow math classmates. We thank Rasudev and Clement for doing a great job at bringing awareness to the critical role elephants play in supporting their ecological habitats and their importance in biodiversity. Considering they presented to students in a math class they came up with an equation to calculate the weight of an elephant.

“The equation to calculate the weight of an Indian elephant: Weight= -1010+ 0.036 (LxG), where G is the chest girth and L is the body length.”

Watch their great presentation – Biodiversity Presentation 

Online Elephant Conservation Presentation with Elephanatics 

The numbers are staggering as we learn that humanity is responsible for a decrease in animal populations worldwide of 68% in the past 50 years.  At a time when more than 1 million animals are at risk of extinction, the links between human health and the health of the planet couldn’t be clearer, as evidenced by our current pandemic. Seventy percent of emerging viral diseases are caused by human/wildlife interface. The biggest issues facing the global community today are losses to biodiversity. Loss of wildlife affects ecosystems we all rely on to keep us healthy. Learn more about how elephants help preserve our natural world and why poaching, human-elephant conflict, and illegal trade is related to our own survival.

Save The Elephants

Enthusiastic, Curious and Compassionate, are just a few of the adjectives to describe the class at #EncantoElementraySchool in #SanDiego. The new #DreamTeam of #ConservationWarriors are starting #action to help #elephants by sharing information about the importance of keeping them from extinction to other classrooms in their school via #DreamAdvocacyWork. We look forward to posting their great efforts in the near future.

Save The Elephants

A big shout out and thank you to teacher Tess Elia and students from Killarney Secondary School in Vancouver for doing an outstanding job on their “Save the Elephants’ campaign! Together, they worked on poster designs, global orders of organic and ethically-sourced coffee, social media, a PowerPoint presentation, and used our education lesson plans to educate and fundraise for elephants. They also gained recognition from the whole school with their informative elephant display in the front hall. We are extremely grateful for their incredible energy and determination.

Video of classroom presentations given at various schools in San Diego and Vancouver

Teaching Compassion

Elephants need compassion and support. Students in San Diego, California, stand in defense of elephants and pledge compassion to bring awareness to the crisis facing these majestic animals.

Teaching Empathy 

Elephants share many similar emotions as humans – love is just one! Teaching empathy to students at Encanto Elementary in San Diego, California, inspired them to start an Elephanatics Club to help  African and Asian elephants withstand poaching and unethical tourism.

Earth Day

Elephant Earth Day at Braemar Elementary School in North Vancouver was a wonderful day for the elephants! Sixty students listened to the ‘Saving the Elephant’ in-class presentation about the poaching crisis, given by our Director of Education, Fran Duthie. They made placards and marched the school shouting: “SAVE ALL ELEPHANTS!”  Thank you for your support, Braemer Elementary!







Learning About Poaching

At the annual, “Reading is Fundamental”, event at the University of British Columbia, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and Beta Theta Pi fraternity taught children at University Hill Elementary about the African elephant poaching crisis.

Why We Shouldn’t Ride Elephants

Leanne Fogarty, our Director of Education for Asian Elephants, presents a PowerPoint presentation on the abuse suffered by elephants forced to work relentless hours in the tourist industry.

Saving the Elephant

The poaching crisis PowerPoint presentation taught by our Chief Program Officer, Andrea and our Director of Education, Fran to the Grade 2/3 and 3/4 classes. The children  asked questions like:
“If ivory hunting is illegal, why do poachers still hunt? How do people buy ivory if it’s illegal?”
“What does crisis mean and what does poaching mean?”
“Are elephants colourblind?”
“How do elephants get food?” (They were shocked to hear elephants are herbivores.)
“Why don’t poachers just shave off the end of tusks instead of killing the animal?”

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Our Director of Education, Fran, and the Chief Program Officer, Andrea, presented all of our lesson plans at a professional development day for K-12 teachers. They were eager to start using them!

Saving the Elephant

Our Director of Education, Fran, teaching a PowerPoint presentation about poaching to a Grade 5 classroom.

Saving the Elephant

The poaching crisis PowerPoint presentation taught by our Director of Education, Fran to a Grade 2 class in San Diego.

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Interactive Videos by Students in San Diego and Vancouver School Districts

** A public service announcement video from Grade 5 students of Encanto Elementary in San Diego titled “Elephant Fun Facts”.

** Braemar Elementary School in North Vancouver shouts it out for an #IvoryFreeCanada.


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