Our Work

Global March for Elephants and Rhinos

Elephanatics hosts the Global March for elephants and Rhinos annually in Vancouver, B.C. Bringing awareness to the crisis facing the African elephant and rhino, we have managed to educate many people through our event by having reputable speakers talk about the issues at hand and in the field. Education is one of our pillars of advocacy and is key to bring much needed change.


Story Spheres

Dr. Jake Wall works for Save The Elephants in Kenya and is Elephanatics African elephant specialist and founding member. He worked with Google to create Story Spheres which enables people to learn about elephants and humans living in the Samburu region through panoramic photographs.

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Below is a picture of the ‘Spices’ family living in Samburu. Just a few of the elephant families you can view.

Domain Awareness System (DAS)

Dr. Jake Wall was instrumental in working on the Domain Awareness System (DAS) along with philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, and his team.

The Domain Awareness System (DAS) is a tool that aggregates the positions of radios, vehicles, aircraft and animal sensors to provide users with a real-time dashboard that depicts the wildlife being protected, the people and resources protecting them, and the potential illegal activity threatening them.

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