Save Two Captive Elephants from a Casino in Laos

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Save Two Captive Elephants from a Casino in Laos

Joumban, a 34-year-old male and Mae Seang, a 32-year-old female are chained up in the parking lot of a casino in Laos, adjacent to the Chinese border. They are held captive so Chinese gamblers can take souvenir selfies, posing with the elephants and the casinos’ “lady boys”. (Casinos are illegal in China so punters cross the border into Laos for their gambling fix.)

Captive elephants nearly all their lives, these two suffer inadequate shelter, lack of exercise, a restricted diet, goading by metal hooks and nightly stress from the noise and bright lights.  Their eyes are glassy and lifeless.  They deserve SO much more.

Elephanatics, a non-profit organisation in Vancouver, BC has been raising money for 2 years via the “Ride A Bike, Not An Elephant” campaign to ultimately free a captive Asian elephant.  We recently heard that the Elephant Conservation Center in Sayaboury, Laos plans to rescue not one, but two pachyderms – approximately the week of June 3, 2019.  The 422 km truck ride from Boten to Nam Tien Lake should take at least 15 hours, not counting grass-breaks.

Can you help us raise the last of our donation to help give these sweethearts a well-earned retirement together?  No amount is too small as the trickles become a river that will change these two elephants’ lives forever.   The center hopes to one day release Joumban and Mae Seang into a wild herd in the Nam Pouy National Park nearby.  Your donation = their freedom for life.


Laos has around 400 wild elephants and 450 captive elephants. They are on the brink of extinction in what is still ironically called “The Land of A Million Elephants”.  Launched in 2011, the Elephant Conservation Center is trying to save Laos’ elephants through a breeding program, endocrinology lab, positive reinforcement and mahout education – funded almost entirely through ethical tourism. Visitors do not ride the elephants but enjoy observing them in their natural habitat. Elephants get to just be elephants!
Leanne Fogarty, Elephanatics ‘ Director of Asian Elephants/ Campaign Manager, has self-funded her witness of the rescue operation and will be broadcasting live video feed from Laos on starting June 2 (if she can tackle the technology).  The 15-hour minimum rescue route should provide plenty of footage.39588294_1559253963235365_r.jpeg

Elephanatics would like to extend huge thanks to the many people who have donated their time and funds to help make this rescue dream a reality. Special mention to Carol-Ann & Brian and their neighbours who have faithfully sent their recycling refunds in each month!If you have any questions at all, we would love to hear from you via this page’s contact method.

Trunks of thanks,

The Elephanatics Team


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