Thank You From Elephanatics 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

With another year behind us, we are richer because of you.

We would like to thank all of you who have played an integral part in Elephanatics’ success throughout the year. To those of you who continue to inspire us to push forward against the unconscionable acts perpetrated against elephants, we are only as good as the people who further our efforts and help us attain our ultimate goal of ending the poaching crisis and unethical treatment of all elephants.

I would personally like to thank our Directors, Tessa Vanderkop and Leanne Fogarty, for their relentless spirit and drive, our Advisors for their optimism, encouragement and wisdom, and our Volunteers who have been the backbone to our every success. We are forever in your deepest debt and gratitude.

I would also like to thank the many outstanding elephant organizations that have achieved great strides in poaching prevention through varied technological techniques and organizations in Asia who have focused on a more ethical standard of tourism camps for elephants. We admire your strength, commitment and dedication to ending these crises. And, to the rangers who risk their lives daily to protect their heritage, we acknowledge you as the true heroes in this war.

Just recently, the UK passed the toughest legislation to date with a near-total ban on the trade in ivory. This monumental action will make law enforcement less complicated while making it easier to reduce demand for ivory amongst consumers. Through collaborations and concerted efforts we are making an impact, even though at times they appear thwarted by events taking place on a daily basis around the world that harm elephants.

Our need to be vigilant and stay the course has never been more imperative. Let’s continue on this trajectory of optimism and aim to close further domestic ivory markets in 2019 around the world to include Canada!

Please enjoy some of Elephanatics grand impressions and accomplishments during the year at our events and classroom presentations by clicking on the link below.

We wish you all a Magical and Merry season filled with hope for the future and good health, above all else.

Fran Duthie / President

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