Elephants Alive – Intwandamela – update

December 31, 2015

Last year, Elephanatics decided to donate the money they received from the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in 2014 they hosted, to Elephants Alive. They needed money to help purchase a much needed GPS collar for an elephant bull they were monitoring. His name is, Intwandamela. I recently wrote them to see how he was doing. They confirmed his well being and sent us the following pictures below.

As you can see, he is living a wonderful life. Doing what elephants love the most, he is splashing mud about keeping his skin cool from the heat. The attached map image shows how far he has travelled; moving as far down South as Sabi Sands, and up North into the Kruger National Park.

If you look closely, you can see his GPS collar on the top of his neck, covered in mud!

Thank you for the update Elephants Alive. We wish you continued success with your elephant endeavours in 2016. Please keep us posted on Intwandamela.

All the best and happy New Year,

Elephanatics Team



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