Global March for Elephants and Rhinos 2014

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On October 4th 2014 Vancouver took part in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. 130 cities around the world marched in the biggest demonstration ever to create awareness of the plight of these two species and to demand that governments end the blood ivory and rhino horn trade. This presentation was shown at the demonstration: 

The Group


The Marchers

The marchers

The organizers

 Police at Work



The Speakers

Jake Wall (Save the Elephants) and Rosemary Conder (BC SPCA)

Rosemary and Jake

Jake Wall

Memorable quotes from Jake Wall’s speech

“The most recent forms of poaching have become reuse of ancient methods like spears, arrows and poison because they are quiet and create less chance of detection.”

“At the moment, the demand for ivory stems largely from Asia – most of it is being shipped and sold in China and Thailand. Carved pieces of ivory can be sold for over 50,000 dollars a tusk.”

On stage

“Last year, the Western black rhino was declared officially extinct. And there are only handful of northern white rhino left in Kenya.”

“Elephant herds are mostly female, made up of grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters. I think it’s very appropriate then that the organizers of the march today are also female. Making decisions about where to go next and how to navigate the difficult times we are in.”

Jake 3

“As a species, we proclaim to be intelligent and possess advanced capacity for thought and reason. But I think history will judge otherwise.”


Memorable quotes from Rosemary Conder’s speech

“Thailand has seen a 6,000% increase in tourism since 1967 and with it, a surge in enslavement of elephants for such purposes as elephant soccer matches, art shows, treks, even elephant orchestras and elephant ballets.”

“Elephants are remarkably sensitive and complex creatures. They have strong emotional bonds; they flirt and grieve and care for their community and they have long memories. And because they have long memories, many elephants suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Rosemary stagre

“Right Tourism stands for Responsible, Informed, Guilt-Free Tourism and is a UK-based charity that seeks to inform tourists of how they perpetuate serious animal welfare and conservation problems by making poor choices. They also provide information on opportunities to do the sort of thing Rosemary is doing.” – Jane McDougal, The National Post.




Opening and Closing Comments

OpeningOpening 2



 The Fun!


 The Fight

Must continue…………………..

“Looking around today, I see the equivalent of an elephant herd. A herd that has come together out of collective objection to what is happening. And similar herds have formed across the globe today. Let’s march here and now. But let’s keep our herd together after today and grow it some more by educating our friends and families. By petitioning our governments. And by contributing however and wherever we can. I personally don’t want to be part of the generation that let elephants and rhinos disappear.” Jake Wall

Read about us in the National Post – written by Jane Macdougall.

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